FUE Hair Transplant in Long Beach: Everything To Know

Hair loss is a serious cosmetic problem. We all want to look great, and it’s a natural and understandable desire. And we have good news: nowadays, medicine has all the means to correct this issue. 

There are many clinics offering hair transplantation, but not all of them offer sufficient quality results. Others are too pricey, and their services are not affordable for an average person. But we found a perfect variant. This Los Angeles based hair clinic offers an ideal balance of price and quality. 

The Nature of FUE Method

At Los Angeles Hair Institute, you can return your hair with the FUE process. What is it? Follicular unit extraction allows you to extract your own hair carefully and put them in another place. This method allows receiving a natural-looking hairstyle. Another significant benefit of this procedure is the absence of scars and stitches in the donor areas. The punch for harvesting is minuscule, and it ensures precise harvesting.

What to Expect in LA Hair Institute

The patient receives a detailed consultation, where the specialist studies the hair and discusses the hairstyle. This initial stage can take from 3 to 9 hours.

After the consultation and the initial examination is over, it’s time for preparation. Medical personnel takes all necessary tests and start to prepare you for operation. Usually, it includes withdrawing certain medications and correcting the lifestyle, if necessary.

Don’t expect immediate results right after the procedure. Implants need time to grow and form your new hairstyle. The boldness disappears gradually within the next 2-3 months. 

Swelling and painful sensations in the operated area during 3-5 days may be observed in the postoperative period. These symptoms after surgery are common and are not considered a complication. However, if pain and swelling continue for two weeks, you need to see a doctor. 

Hair transplantation doesn’t require strict rehabilitation. You should take care of your overall health and ensure sufficient nutrition. It’s better to give up alcohol and smoking and avoid sunbathing.

Advantages of LA Hair Institute

The first benefit you get is experienced and skilled doctors. The clinic works only with first-class professionals. The success rate of the operations is extremely high.

Another reason to choose this clinic is its solid reputation. Read the feedback of the former clients and make sure for yourself. Not only the medical personnel is beyond the compliment. The level of comfort is impressive too. You may think that it’s not that important. But in fact, your comfort and peace of mind are one of the keys to a successful operation.

Affordable prices are another argument in favor of choosing this clinic. The final costs depend on the condition you have and other factors. You can discuss it during the consultation. 

Your dream about naturally-looking hair can come true thanks to the advanced technologies and experienced doctors at Los Angeles Hair Institute. Check the pictures of results and the client reviews confirming the outstanding level of services. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to fight hair loss and look great!